Implementation Day 3 – Finding iPhone app developers, WordPress tweaking and admin

Implementation Day 3 – Finding iPhone app developers, WordPress tweaking and admin

It’s not all plane sailing this being productive lark! I’m glad I’ve got this structure in place though. My determination to have something of merit to write in the blog kept me plodding on.

This morning was spent sorting out problems with sending yesterdays emails. I stuck with sending the emails via Mail Merge in Thunderbird (by splitting up the csv files into batches of around 100) because I didn’t want to be duplicating work. I will be setting up a full CRM system later this month and setting up something like MailChimp twice didn’t make much sense. However, I can now see why people use email delivery services. I won’t be using this method again! But that’s all good. Much better to have got something out there and learned from it than to spend time creating the ultimate system and never actually getting there (the way I have been previously).

In the afternoon, in between sessions of sending out new batches of emails, I focused on finding a suitable iPhone app developer for my needs. I have a couple of app ideas I want to get produced and previous attempts have fallen down at some point along the way. I got a couple of new leads last week which could have sat in a pile of business cards until Christmas, but contact has been made. We’ll see what happens. If you’re reading this and know of an app developer who may be interested, leave a comment.

After writing the last few sentences, I realised that sending a couple of emails wasn’t exactly the height of activity, so I have since gone and posted the job on Elance as well. Elance is a place to hire people from around the world to work for you. I have used them once before, with average success, immediately after reading the “4 Hour work week”. The experience obviously didn’t revolutionise my life as I have avoided it like the plague since then. However, now is the time to try again! Lets see what happens this time.

I have also spent some time today getting this website ready for public viewing. I set 90% of it up on day 1, but it needed a few tweaks here and there. Here are the plugin’s that I’ve setup:
Akismet – Comments security
Google Analytics for WordPress – Site analytics
Google Analytics Dashboard – Site analytics
Google XML Sitemaps – For search engines
Robots Meta – For search engines
WP Security Scan – Site security

Personal notes from today
Need to get better at being focussed without interruptions. This is by far the hardest thing about working from home. I need to be clear about exactly when I am working (with a virtual “Do Not Disturb” sign on the office door), and when I am approachable. My problem today was that it was just wishy washy because I didn’t get finished with yesterday’s emails until 3pm. That said, I’ve done well since then. Getting on with pursuing the iPhone apps side of the business feels good. As does getting this website ready for people to actually view it!

Roll on Monday. Hungry for more now!

Wow, about 20 minutes after I posted the job on Elance, I got a phone call from a iPhone developer in India and an email from one in China. You don’t get that every day!

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