About me


My name is Damian Surr. I am a Magician. In years gone by, I have also been a CG Character animator and a Ski guide. I still work in those fields from time to time, but mainly I am a magician.

In the last couple of years, I have had grand plans of becoming an entrepreneur. I am not really interested in the ‘work hard every minute to get a nice car’ type of entrepreneur. I am much more at home with Tim Ferriss’ “4 hour work week” entrepreneur. It’s all about quality of life. We only get one life and time is the most valuable thing we have.

Since reading the 4 hour work week, I have made a list of exactly 152 ‘muse’ (potential businesses) ideas! Some of these have actually been created independently by other people since I thought of them and they are now making lots of money from them. How many have I tried and succeeded or failed at? None! This makes me a ‘Wantrepreneur’, but I’m about to change that.

The impetus for this website is a challenge I have set myself. I will implement one important change or development in my business every day for one month. I have no idea what will happen to the site after that.

Lets just get this done first and see.