National award! And Press release

National award! And Press release

Well, it’s been all go since my ‘Month of Implementation’. I had the busiest December I’ve ever had (almost 4 times more gigs than previous best year). Had a relaxing time at various family festivities between Christmas and New Year, and found out that I’d won a National award for Entrepreneur of the month in December. I was selected from over 4000 members of the Entrepreneurs Circle and it seems that my ramblings in this blog was what caught their eye.

Here’s a picture of me receiving the award from Nigel Botterill.

Damian Surr and Nigel Botterill

Damian Surr and Nigel Botterill

And here’s the rest of my winnings.

Prize booty

Prize booty

Glass award

Engraved glass award

I left the presentation ceremony wondering how to make the most of the award. Winning it felt great, but unless I do something with it it’s just a short lived good feeling and a pile of stuff in the office.

Publicity was what I needed!

I wrote my first ever ‘press release’ at the end of last week. Now there’s a weird thing to do! Writing in the third person about how great you are … much oddness!

Local NewspapersLocal Papers

Yesterday, the story was in two different local newspapers. Luckily, both reporters were skilled enough to ask me a few more questions and completely rewrote the thing based on my answers.

I have no idea how many of the other papers I sent the message to may run with it.

I had to do a quick patch up job on as it was too embarrassingly old to be seen as it was. It’s now slightly less embarrassing, but is still in urgent need of a total overhaul. It’s on it’s way, it’s on it’s way!

PS iPhone app is going very well. I have a fully functional version of it on my phone. Even done a bit of filming of me performing it to make a video trailer. The developer is great. I’m slowing it down at the moment as I have been spending time on Press releases. Back to the app!

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  1. Erm, nice bloke BUT I taught him everything ! 🙂 I want half his wealth.

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