Implementation Day 10 – Video, follow-ups and apps progress

Implementation Day 10 – Video, follow-ups and apps progress

I’m writing this while waiting for the kids to finish their swimming lessons. I know smart phones are nothing new, but I still find them incredible at times like this. 6 months into having my iPhone and the thing is still remarkable to me.

Anyway. On to today.

Cait, my wife, spent a couple of hours today following up leads from our tele-sales effort over the last couple of weeks. All moving ahead nicely there.

Quotes for iPhone app development have started coming in and are in line with cautionary words I’ve been given people who know far more about the app world than me. The general consensus seems to be that apps are much more expensive to develop that you first imagine, and the return is usually much smaller than you would hope for. There are always ways and means to be the exception, but as my apps would be aimed at a very niche market, I’m not convinced that I’d see much return on my investment. A bit more research required there.

The new Magic Project documentation has survived the hardest test (being looked over by Cait) and is getting refined before being put into action. It’s going to take a while before there’s anything to be seen with this one, but all very exciting.

Other than that, I’ve started editing together a new magic promotional reel today. Actually, it’s been more like ‘getting ready’ to edit, as there were a few hiccups along the way. Mainly due to file formats and fitting a square peg into a round hole (Interlaced 4:3 ratio footage in a Progressive-scan 16:9 sequence). All sorted now and all clips are on the timeline ready to be hacked into shape. 17 minutes of ‘best bits’ footage to narrow down to a 2 to 3 minute video. I’ll be posting a preview here when it’s ready.

To keep strictly in line with my ‘Business Implementation Month’ theme, I should really be outsourcing this video editing. However, because it’s something that’s related to work I’ve done in the past (animation) and I enjoy it, I’m allowing myself this one indulgence. Lets see how it turns out. I’ll post it up here once it’s completed.

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