Implementation Day 13 – Hard slog

Implementation Day 13 – Hard slog

Hard day today. We had some upsetting news which completely knocked us out. Not easy, but you just have to get back in the saddle.

I managed to get some work in before the bombshell. Here’s the (brief) list:

– I spent an hour or so this morning further cleaning up my contact data to get it ready for importing into the CRM.
– Got some more video footage ready to be edited.
– Spent some time with social media, widening my network.
– Managed to inadvertently start an argument on facebook by posting this joke:

People say ‘psychic’ Sally Morgan is a fake because she wears a hidden ear piece. No she’s a fake cos she claims she can talk to the dead.

Jimmy Carr

Other than that, all I did was respond to the enquiries that are coming in. Hardly an impressive list for a days work, but events outside of my control dumped on me from quite a height.

It was nice to get a comment on yesterday’s blog post. Thanks Allan, that gave me a boost. I’ll be posting more impressive updates next week!


  1. keep it up Damian, I’m enjoying the updates, it may help me do something useful myself one day.

  2. Tell me about it, all I do is make new lists

    • I got lost in GTD for a while. That was great for ‘feeling’ productive by getting ‘optimised lists’, but got bugger all squared extra actually done. And just created a while new oppressive job to not keep up with.

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