Implementation Day 19 – Grand plans turn into admin

Implementation Day 19 – Grand plans turn into admin

I had big plans for today, but they were scuppered by customers. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing with enquiries. That’s fantastic! However, if it carries on I’ll be jumping to the next stage, getting other people to answer my calls, much quicker than I had thought.

So, my big plans were set back and I was in admin mode.

The only thing to explain the change is the new video! It’s obviously very early days, but the telephone call rate was up by 400% yesterday. I’ll be getting on with videos for my other websites with more urgency now.

I also got chance to have a long chat with a good magic friend in Ireland on the phone today. We bashed around a couple of ideas and are both excited by the projects that each other are working on. Good to catch up and essential to externalise your ideas to someone you trust.

On to Thursday!!

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