Implementation Day 20 – Enquiries and chase-up

Implementation Day 20 – Enquiries and chase-up

Although I got up at 5am yesterday to compensate for it, a prior domestic commitment ended up consuming the whole day, so I’m not counting yesterday in the little project of mine.

Getting up early was worth while though. I created an advert for a local theatre performance.

This was the first advert I have ever produced at ½ A5. And also my first in black and white. It felt good to have it all designed and finished by the time the kids woke up! I also included a trackable QR code in it. Here’s what it’s going to look like once it gone to print …

Local program advert

That was about all I got done yesterday business-wise though. Oh, we also had an hour on AdWords in the evening too. I know how to show my wife a good time!

Today has been a bit better. I woke up to 3 enquiries that I had to deal with. That took longer than it should have (bring on the CRM!). I then went straight onto chasing up all previous enquiries that haven’t confirmed yet. This is the sort of thing I can put of for months at a time! I actually very rarely find it productive, but did get updates from a couple of them.

After forgetting to take a couple of details from people enquiring by telephone on Wednesday, I decided to make a ‘cheat sheet’ that I could carry around with me. I’m a big fan of the whole ‘HipsterPDA’ (paper based system using 5x3in index cards) idea. I have even enjoyed making index card holders out of Duck tape in the past (clearly too much time on my hands before the kids came along!). So, I’ve made a few enquiry cards that have been printed out onto these 5×3 cards to fill in whenever anyone calls my mobile. The info from these will then be clearly laid out for anyone to input into the CRM (as soon as I get my second CRM day to finish that setup).

Finally, I added the new Christmas video (that I think I may have mentioned once or twice!) to my Christmas Party Magician, Google Places entry. I improved a few things in there too while I was at it.

So, none of the big scary beasts have been implemented today, but it’s still important stuff. It is becoming clear that I need to get other people working ‘in’ my business more .. doing some of this stuff .. so that I can spend more time working ‘on’ the business.

Time for a relaxing weekend now!

Cheers all

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