Implementation Day 22b – Meetings and Quotes

Implementation Day 22b – Meetings and Quotes

Today has been about meetings and quotes. So, it’s a quiet one in terms of implementing new bits of business, but a great one in terms of what all of this implementation is for. It all actually seems to be working! I had 5 enquiries to deal with today, one of which involved a lot of thought and giving the client 4 different options to consider alongside their budget. And one meeting to demonstrate my magic to a potential new client. I know that this doesn’t exactly constitute ‘busy’, but it’s great for me. Before this implementation project, I’d guess I averaged 2 or 3 enquiries per week. Today I had 5 and gave a demonstration. That definitely feels like progress! However, I’m not going to get too excited yet. Unless this big increase in interest results in a significant increase in confirmed bookings, then all I have created is more admin work. I’m hoping that won’t be the outcome, but being busy isn’t my aim. Being productive with a good ROI (of time as well as money) is.

The meeting I had today went great. I was invited to demonstrate my magic for a company about 30 minutes away from here for an huge event they are putting on next year. I’m very happy with how it went, and being a perfectionist, it’s not often I say things like that. They are meeting up with another magician tomorrow so we’ll see if my confidence is justified. He’ll have to be good to do better than I think I did 🙂

As the end of this month is near and I’m feeling precious about the remaining days. With that in mind, I’m not going to count today. I know that’s cheating, but they’re my rules to break so there. I can’t possibly get all of the things I want to get done within the month done, so I’m not going to include a day that I didn’t actually do any implementation. Today can be called Day 22b

As for the month thing, I never said when it would be finished. I thought it was more important to get cracking then to have it all strictly mapped out. As I get to the end though, I know I have to draw a line somewhere. I’m now planning the end of this project to be day 30. That will be 30 implementation days. That’s more than a month because I haven’t worked weekends and I’ve even cheated by claiming a couple of days back, but as I said … my rules!

What happens after that? Will the blog self destruct? Will it degrade into an advert infested monster of a website? Who knows. We’ll just have to deal with the suspense. I’ve got a couple of ideas, but lots of implementing to do before then so lets keep focussed.

PS – No, I don’t know why I chose a cute picture of a rabbit either!

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