Implementation Day 24 – iPhone App development

Implementation Day 24 – iPhone App development

I’m back!

Well, it’s been a gruelling few days, but I’m back in the world (@AMuggler even missed me!) with lots to update on.

The most exciting thing is that one of my iPhone app ideas may well be being made!!

I thought this was dead in the water, but it’s had a life line that’s looking very good.

Here’s the chain of events so far …

Have idea for a very geeky magic app
Get excited!

Discuss idea with a fellow magician friend
He likes it too, and we make it better together. Get more excited!

Have think about what actually sells and doesn’t sell in the app store
Stop being excited. The idea would be GREAT, but for a few fundamental reasons, I don’t think it would sell well. I may come back to this app in future, as it would be incredible for me and a few friends to use, but it’s never going to earn much money.

Have several other ideas, bearing the previous pitfalls in mind
Get excited about a couple of them

Speak to your friends who have been involved in app development
They are too busy to even hear the ideas

Meet a random fellow magician on a train who has several app developer leads
Contact them and get warned that apps don’t sell

Speak to an app developer friend of the first magician friend
He liked the sound of the geeky magician ideas (which I am convinced won’t sell well for various reasons), but the ones that are exciting me don’t do much for him.

Find and speak to the maker of the app that is most similar to the idea that most excites me
He doesn’t have space for any new projects

Advertise on Elance for app developers
Get more responces than I can deal with, but all with quotes higher than I can afford to invest at the moment

Give up and put everything on the back shelf of ‘someday maybe’
I’m in Implementation month! I can’t sleep at night with that attitude!

Go back to the maker of the app that my favourite idea is based on and have one last try to get him on board.
He listens to my idea and also think that it’s great!

We come up with a deal that we both think is fair and wheels start turning!

This whole process has taken about 5 or 6 weeks. I’m happy with how it’s going at the moment.

I am being very vague about everything as it’s all early days, but if I didn’t write about the stuff that’s going on then there’s not a lot of point in me writing anything.


Because the end of my months project is getting close, I’m starting some of the big things I wanted to do that have barely got off of the ground yet.  With that in mind, I’ve also spent a good chunk of time today fleshing out some of the copy for a new YouTube marketing product I want to get onto the market. More important to get that up and running than spend more time perfecting things like the CRM system. I’m hoping to get lots more done in the coming days!

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