Implementation Day 25 – Product testing

Implementation Day 25 – Product testing

Today has all been about developing my new product. Not the iPhone app, the other one!

I’m pretty much following Tim Ferriss’ method of testing the success of a product, through advertising, before the product even exists. This idea isn’t original to him. It’s been happening for donkey years. He does give a very modern, clear and structured approach to it in his book though.

Before cracking on and making the ‘sales letter’ style website used for the testing phase, I decided to flick back though the book. I’m glad I did! My vague memory of it emitted a lot of important steps. I could have fallen in to the trap of doing WAY too much work before I found out if the product was actually going to sell. What I did instead was go though the relevant chapters and write a clear list of actions that will show me very accurately how much I am likely to earn from this product, before the product even exists! How good is that!

I’ve just finished that process, so I now have a clear plan in my ever-useful Evernote. I’ll get cracking on it tomorrow and will try hard to keep focused on track. It’s easy to stray and lose lots of time when you’re using new on-line tools in your research, but being aware of time stealers is the first step in avoiding their tempting ways!

I’m also booked onto Nigel Botterill’s next seminar on Monday. Anyone reading this going along?

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