Implementation Day 27 – Copywriting

Implementation Day 27 – Copywriting

I heard a great quote from Nigel Botterill yesterday:

“There are few things in life that can’t be sorted by a good sales letter”

I think I’d change it to ‘business’ rather than ‘life’, but you get the idea.

Today I have been writing ‘sales letter’ style copy for the website of my new YouTube marketing system. I’ve been following Nigel’s Copy Writing Secrets program to create the content and a draft is now ready to get tweaked.

Once that’s done, I just need to buy a domain name, throw the copy into a WordPress website, install a nice theme, add some relevant artwork and set up a couple of forms. I’ll then be ready to throw some AdWords traffic at the website to give the product a dry run at collecting intended sales.

If this testing shows that the product will make a decent profit, then I need to get my arse into gear and make it. If there’s one thing that will motivate you to create a product quickly, it’s customers with money in their hands wanting to buy it! It all exists ‘in my head at the moment’ (a fair chunk of it is documented actually, from when I got a VA to do some of the work while I was on holiday last year), but there’s no point spending time, effort and money producing the final product until I know that it’s definitely something that people will want to buy.

The iPhone app is getting better and better every day. Can’t wait to get that out to the world. We are focussing on app marketing at the moment so that our great creation doesn’t get lost amongst the hundreds of thousands of other apps available. It’ll be great!

Off to start a ‘relaxing weekend’ of performing magic gigs now. It’ll be a relief to be back doing the thing I’m most comfortable with. Making complete strangers question their grasp on reality 🙂


  1. Best of luck with the app, sounds really exciting.

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