Implementation Days 15+16 – Videos and Upsell’s

Implementation Days 15+16 – Videos and Upsell’s

The last couple of days have been a bit more sporadic due to prior commitments and lots of travelling. I have been keeping on track though!

I’ve been spending time on both creating the new video and on customers wanting to confirm bookings with me. Don’t they realise that the extra admin caused by them actually booking me is a distraction from the time I’m trying to put into getting them to book me? Selfish!

In terms of the video, I have chosen a sequence/structure from VideoHive and Cait has helped to choose some music from iStockAudio. The hardest thing about this process is keeping light about it and repeating the mantra, “Good enough is good enough”. I am a perfectionist by nature, but perfection (by definition) is unobtainable. The pursuit of it simply stops things getting finished. This video, destined for the Christmas website, will be ‘good enough’ and much better than what is already there. It will not be perfect, and that’s a good thing.

Something I have been focussing on with my interaction with customers is adding ‘upsell’ options when they hire me. I would never have contemplated this a year or so ago, but it’s fantastic. Not only does it add profit to my business, it also adds tremendous value to the service that my customers receive, which far outweighs the extra costs. This has been a big breakthrough for me. Not adding cheap options to try to grab more money, but giving lots of thought to additions of real value to the customer. Great stuff.

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