Implementation Days 28 & 29 – Conference and Banner Retargeting

Implementation Days 28 & 29 – Conference and Banner Retargeting


No blog yesterday as I was out all day at Nigel Botterill’s monthly conference. I was working all day though. Getting re-inspired and reassessing ‘what‘ to implement and ‘why‘. To avoid just being ‘busy with the day to day‘.

I had a chat with Paul Warner of When I was a Kid after the conference too. It’s great to speak to other entrepreneurs who are getting out there and doing it.


It was my intention this morning to set up ‘Banner Retargeting‘ for the Christmas Party Magician website. However, it quickly became clear that this was not the sort of thing to do in a morning and not the sort of thing that would have an instant effect.

^ I wrote that a couple of hours in to ‘retargetting’, and then gave up on it. Then couldn’t bare the fact that I’d given up on it, so I had another go. Then gave up again.

It was generally just bloody hard work to set up as a first timer and the worse part was that there’s a good chance all the work could be in vane (due to low traffic numbers) and there didn’t seem to be any way to find out the latest on that without just doing it.

In the end, I decided to forget the possibility that the adds might not get shown at all and just plough on regardless. This was like taking the weight off of my shoulders and the rest fell into place nicely. It’s hard to devote time to something that could be wasted time .. especially as I only have two days left in this Month of Implementation .. but; it was the only way to find out if it would work, it was a biggie to crack, and I knew I would learn a lot in the process regardless.

So …

I now have a “Banner Retargetting campaign” all set up nicely in adwords! I used a WordPress plugin called Adwords-Remarketing to insert the relevant code into my home page. All I can do now is sit back for a day or two and see what happens. It’ll either work, and I can track the results. Or it wont work and google will probably give me some useful information to tell me why.

I also set up a free trial I was given with Adwords Express today. From a conversation I had on the phone, AdWords Express seems to be AdWords for Google Places. I don’t quite know what that means though because my adds are showing up on Google Maps anyway. It’s a £50 free trial though, so I’ll see what happens and assume any results will be differentiated within Google Analytics from other PPC. Maybe AdWords express is for people who don’t understand AdWords?

I have also just taken some of the next steps in development of the iPhone app. I think the developer and I are both quite perfectionist, so we may need to start having a few tight deadlines set in place to get this thing done.

Other than that, I did a hand full of emergency admin tasks that have been piling up and chased some enquiries.

Quite a successful day after almost throwing the towel in! Only one day left! Feels weird.

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