Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero

Following an exchange with @_SamFlynn on twitter a couple of days ago, I was re-inspired to get my email inbox empty. This was something I had planned for my month of implementation project, but other things were just more important.

Following the ideals of Merlin Man’s “Inbox Zero” system, over the last 2 days I’ve got over 3,000 emails out of my inbox leaving me with a clean slate every time I come to my machine. This is a fantastic change psychologically I’ve been here before though, and after a while I let the backlog stack back up.

Not this time! I’m an “Inbox Zero” convert!

Take a look at this video if you’re interested. It’s a talk by the man who coined the phrase “Inbox Zero”, Merlin Mann.


  1. Hi Damian just a quick note to say how much I love the Business card App.

    Ten friends have already been pointed your way .

    Best David

  2. Thanks David,
    Glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

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