Semi-Implementation Day 11 – One step forward two steps back

Semi-Implementation Day 11 – One step forward two steps back

The Good:

– Keeping on top of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Still a lot to learn on these, but getting better. Hootsuite is great for this.
– I put an enquiry form on the Magic-Weddings website
– Tweaked the Christmas Party Magician enquiry form
– Followed up more contacts from our tele-sales experiment
– Research and quote proposal for a big potential client
–  Set up some new email accounts and their accessibility from different machines and different users.

The Bad:

– Stuff, stuff and more stuff getting in the way of productivity.
I got a few things done today, but it’s also been one of those days where lots has gone wrong. Computer problems, file format problems, software breaking. The geek in me secretly loves this stuff as I like fixing things, but the entrepreneur in me gets to the end of the day frustrated that more hasn’t been achieved.

The Geeky:

This has nothing to do with business, but this is my blog so deal with it! Our Media Centre (MythTV running on Ubuntu Linux) wireless keyboard with built in touchpad died a couple of days ago. This has been a great set-up for the last couple of years, so I had a challenge to find something better. This is what I’ve just bought:


Keyboard + Mouse combo

Inner geek = excited

And the Funny:

While researching Louis Vuitton earlier today, I stumbled across a video by a comedian I’d not heard of before. It made me laugh, so here’s Russell Peters:

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